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New Website as of November 2018

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We have a new Website

that you may view. This site

will no longer be

maintained. See us at: or you

may call us directly at 403-


5 Years on Wolf Creek Drive

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In November 2011, Totally Gluten Free Bakery Lacombe moved from downtown Lacombe to 5100 Wolf Creek Drive. Boy, was it ever a good move! Not only is it more spacioius, but it is in a great location with more parking space... which is an important factor, especially since we have an event coming up!

We've decided to celebrate this 5-year anniversary by thanking YOU, our customers, for being so supportive. Without you, well, this bakery wouldn't be around. On November 4th and 5th, we will be hosting a Customer Appreciation Weekend as a "thank-you" for our loyal customers.

We here at the Totally Gluten Free Bakery have prepared a variety of ways to celebrate this special occasion, and we hope all of you will take the time and come see us. If you like words such as "free", "contest", "prizes", and "in-store special", you will LOVE this event! More information will be announces as the days go by, so stay tuned and mark your calendars!

It's been awhile....

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Hello everyone!

It has been a VERY long time since we have posted anything here, and I feel it is high time we check in. I receive an email from different folks through this site 2-3 times each week, so I know people are still checking in and using this web page, and we sure appreciate it. I guess updating it would be of benefit to us all, right?

Well, a lot has changed in the past few months for us personally as well as at the bakery. April 19, 2015 Joe woke up in the wee early hours of the morning feeling VERY unwell. We went to the hospital immediately and after a few hours it was confirmed that he indeed had a significant Stroke. This was a Sunday morning, and initially he was hoping a few days of rest and taking it easy, and he could be back at the bakery :/ Obviously, he was shown this was not to happen. He spent 2 weeks in the Red Deer hospital, and a few days in the ICU as well. Here we are now, 3 months later, and he is not back full time at the bakery and when he is there he is still moving pretty slow. Joe takes a fair amount of pharmaceutical drugs now, as well as needs a lot of drugs. He is on daily dosages of insulin as well for diabetes. Now, in so many ways this has been a huge change for us as a family and for our business. We have hired a few young students to work over the summer, and our oldest daughter Lianne, has taken a 3 month leave of absence from her job at the hospital to help us out. We are managing quite well right now, and slowly, VERY slowly, Joe is regaining his strength and working a bit more each week at the bakery. He will never be able to go back to working from 4 a.m. until 6 p.m., 6 days a week though, as that WAS, without a doubt, just crazy anyhow!

We have managed to put out some new products as well in the past few months and we hope that folks will continue to keep coming in the store to see what new items we are "cooking up". Lianne has been working on some easy freezer meals for folks to buy and simply 'take home, heat and eat.' I heard that some homemade lasagne as well as 'butter chicken' was happening in her test kitchen this week ;) I think she might have some samples ready later this week, come and try them out!

We are also trying a couple of new cookies on our shelves right now; an 'Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie' as well as a 'Glazed Lemon Butter Cookie'. Both are fantastic and samples are available every day if you'd like to try out something new.

We have a few new retail locations where you can purchase our products across Alberta, as well a couple of previous locations that have unfortunately had to close their doors and shut their business down. It's been a tough economic year for a lot of folks, and we are SO glad for the support of ALL of our retail and wholesale customers who have helped keep us going and putting the bread on OUR family's table. An updated list of the retail outlets that carry our products can be found on this web page under "OUR TEAM" for your convenience.

Take care folks, Have a GREAT summer, and Thank you all SO much for your continued support.


June 2014

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I am apprehensively optimistic that summer is here.... sort of ;) It is Alberta after all, so who knows what tomorrow will bring! It was chilly today with intermittent rain and wind.... A few nice hot days in a row would be REALLY nice!

We are keeping busy at the bakery with plenty of orders still going out to around 20+ locations around Alberta. One of the bigger gluten free suppliers in Edmonton recently shut the doors, [Gluten Free Mart] leaving us a bit 'in the cold', so to speak. But we have acquired a few more locations this past year as well. Check out our other pages for a listing of the current locations that you can find our products at.

Our fantastic cake decorator/Pie lady/Cupcake girl has moved on to 'greener pastures'. We are deeply saddened by this, and yet we wish Angela Paul well in her new endeavors! She is going to broaden her horizons, and being young and single, we encourage her to do so. We, thankfully, still have our dear Angelica though, and she is incredibly valuable to the workings of the bakery. She keeps the boss on his toes, and works hard with slicing bread, making a kazillion frozen pizza's, Nanaimo bars, lemon squares, muffins, and pizza crusts! Good help is hard to find, and then keep, so we are very thankful for the fantastic employee that she is! I am now at the bakery a lot more now, as I need to help fill the shoes that Angela has left. She took over a lot of the work that I had been doing, and so it freed me up to do other more administrative duties. With her gone now, we need to do a bit of creative juggling with our children, home, and business; but things are working out marvellously! I am getting back into the swing of things, and I am loving catching up with the customers that I so rarely had opportunity to chat with anymore. Our daughters are putting in a lot more hours as well now with Karin taking on all the pies, and Vanessa taking over cupcakes. Our products still have the same fabulous taste and quality as we continue to use the same family recipe's that we have used from the start of our Bakery.

We love to get feedback from you, and so I encourage you to contact us anytime. Our Facebook page is updated more regularly with the day to day goings on at the bakery, as well as updated pictures of our most recent cakes and creations. Feel free to contact us there as well. Have a fantastic summer!

Sincere Regards,

Valerie :)

Spring? Please??

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It's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I do 
appreciate the emails and note that folks send my 
way via this site. I try to respond to peoples' 
questions and concerns as soon as I can. I think it 
has been winter long enough! And the melt is 
definitly on a roll! A lot of wet pants and shoes, and 
the kids are no longer underfoot; yes, they are 
outside again, enjoying this weather! I am so 
loving this time of the year! 
Our family took a 2 week holiday from December 
24th until January 10th. We headed south to Las 
Vegas and enjoyed Christmas and New years 
celebrations in shorts and 8)Tee shirts. It was a 
great experience, a ridiculously long drive:P, and a 
lot of great memory making times together.The 
Grand Canyon was absolutely breathtaking! Pictures 
do not do justice to the awesome sights we saw!
 We closed the bakery for 
those two weeks, and have not stopped going since!
Business has been 'hopping busy' and it doesn't 
look like it's going to be slowing down anytime soon.
We have secured a few more wholesale outlets, 
and all of 'our locations' are going through products 
at a very reasonable rate. It is so exciting to see our
family venture continue to do so well! We do give 
God ALL the glory! 
We are looking at expanding our  kitchen space by 
doubling the size of it. We have already secured 
part of the Bay next door to us, and hope to begin 
construction soon. This should enable all of
us to put out our orders with more room to work. 
Some days with 4-5 people working in the kitchen, 
there was no room left! It's an exciting time, and yet
we go ahead, trusting in the provision that God has 
so blessed us with! We have aquired a few new 
products for our shelves, and are still just putting 
out the tried and true products that our customers 
love! Frozen Pizza's are a favorite for MANY folks, 
and yet there are those who just really like our 
homemade soups. Everyone has different likes 
and dietary requirements; we hope we can continue
 to be a help in your life! 
God Bless! ~Valerie  

"Mid-summer" craziness!

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Hello folks!

I think we are back to the cool, cold  nights! Its not fair, in my opinion, but that's Alberta for you! They say if you don't like the weather in Alberta..... just wait 5 minutes! ;)  busy

Our summer at the bakery has been plenty busy for us all. People just keep streaming in, and somedays we don't know where all these people are coming from!! So, we just ask them :D We have people from all over Canada, the United States, Europe, and a regular customer from New Zealand too! I think I'm going to put up a map and mark the areas that people have come from... Sounds good?

This past Wednesday I had 3 lovely ladies in; one from Red Deer, her friend from Ontario, and another friend from Colorado! They were all thrilled with our products, and took home quite a few treats!

We are doing some sales calls as well and lining up a few more accounts. We have been to Lethbridge Nutters, The Urban Grocer in Lethbridge, and a couple of places in Calgary as well. We'll try to keep you updated when new accounts arise. With more locations carrying our products, It's more convenient for you to enjoy our products! If there is a location in YOUR area that is interested in being a retail outlet for us, please send them our way and have them call 403-789-8432, and speak to Joe. Now, our family has birthdays, family celebrations, church picnic, camping trips, and a lot more going on this summer yet, so I'll try and blog again in a month or so. Please feel free to contact us here with sending a message, or on our facebook account as I check that quite regularly as well. Your comments are welcome and very much appreciated!! Enjoy August; I hope we get some more warm days to be out doors and get our natural vitamin D!



Busy fundraising events....

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We have had a few teasers, as far as the warm weather has been, but now with the May long weekend coming up, I think we can almost safely say that the winter storms and snow are behind us.... for a few months, anyhow! hahaha

We have had a busy few months with the Celiac expo in Calgary in April, and a couple of fundraising events that we were a part of.

We proudly supported Cystic Fibrosis research at the Princess Ball in Red Deer at the Sheraton in February. We donated 600 mini-cupcakes for this fantastic event. My youngest daughter and my grand daughter both had a fantastic time with 'real princessess', and eating, dancing, playing, making crafts, facepainting,and having pictures taken for about 4 hours... I was pooped!!!    Hats off to Kelly Tibbets for a fun-tastically well planned event! They raised a good chunk of cash for this VERY worthy cause that touches the lives of so many precious little children.

We also supported the Evening of Decadent Desserts on April 26.This event supports the Aspire Center for Special Needs Children in Red Deer.What a fantastic evening of the "Who's-Who" of Red Deer coming out with their wallets open wide, to support a cause that is certainly worth our time as a business to support.This center is an incredible lifesaver for many, many families who are up against all odds with the stiffest of circumstances with their children. This center receives some government funding, but a large bulk of expences must come out of the proceeds from this event. We were pleased to be able to supply 2 very large cakes for their live auction that went along with a live concert from Saint James Gate; and it won the highest bids of the evening!!

Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre; 4826 47th Street; Red Deer; AB. T4N1R2; phone: 403.340.2606

Now, coming up on June 1st, we will be donating desserts for the Spring Gala Dessert Concert to support Shalom Christian Counselling Center in Red Deer. This event will be featrandi_boulton.jpguring local artist; Randi Boulton, and will also,of course,feature some of our TGFB desserts! Come out to support this worthy cause as well,and enjoy some great music and fine food! Contact for Shalom counselling Center:5515-27th Ave, Red deer, AB.,T4P-0E5; Phone:403-342-0339

I think now, as our busy season at the bakery is upon us, that our charitable events will have to come to a halt for awhile. Campers and visitors from out of town are already starting to stop by and visit, and we are 'hopping busy'!Thanks again for all your support, come by and see us soon!

Welcome to Autumn....or do you say Fall?

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What a glorious fall we are having! The warm weather over the weekend was truly amazing~ 26' celcius!! (78' F) very warm and pleasant all weekend. True to form; here in Alberta it is freezing or near to it at night; but still it is great!

We have new products in the store that we are VERY excited about.; Montana Gluten Free has brought us a very large shipment of stock, and we have in one day, already sold out of a few things. So come soon to get in on this amazing, healthy, nutrient-rich product line! Follow this link for more information:

The conference over the weekend was truly amazing. We had 65 strangers come together to share, learn, encourage, and laugh with. Our speakers were highly personable, and chatted with the attendees, and made some lasting friendships as well. Many folks are looking forward to doing this again...I am not making ANY promises people! Check out Dr. Rodney Ford's books and his e-clinic as well!

Conference Information: Pass it on!!!

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“The Road to Reclaiming Your Health: Finding Solutions”

~~Celiac and Food Allergy Conference~~

**2-days; September 21/22, 2012**

A Dynamic and Enlightening Conference and Health Fair that is a *Necessity* for people in ALL walks of life! A Remarkable and Essential resource for: Persons new to Gluten awareness; Seniors; Children; Caregivers; Educators; Students; Health care providers; including but not limited to: Chiropractor, Dietician, Oncologist, Nateuropath, Herbalist.


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rodney Ford; paediatric gastroenterologist, allergist and nutrition consultant. He is recognized worldwide as an expert on adverse food reactions. Dr. Ford currently runs The Children’s Clinic and Allergy Centre; a busy, private clinic in Christ church, New Zealand. He has written over one hundred scientific papers, as well as many books.

Workshop Speaker: Dr. David C. Sands; Professor, Ph D. from University of California Berkeley; Dr David C. Sands was the driving force behind the development of Indian ricegrass (Montina flour). Dr Sands continues to develop innovative gluten free crops such a high-protein oat and Timothy grass.

[David Sands and Rodney Ford were also speakers at the CSA (Celiac Sprue Association) Kansas City, MO. October 2010. "Changing the World for Celiacs"].

Workshop Speaker: Mr. Joe Van Gelderen; Head Baker at The Totally Gluten Free Bakery in Lacombe. Joe is the father to 9 children, 6 of which have celiac disease, and one gluten intollerant. Joe has met many people through the doors of the bakery from many walks of life with EVERY kind of medical ailment imaginable. Joe will share many real life stories and experiences to enable registrants to place themselves in a very large growing group of the population with food allergies.

 ~~More workshop speakers to be confirmed yet!! Exciting topics and Q. & A. sessions with professionals in their fields.~~




9 a.m. Registration

10 a.m. Welcome, introductions

10:15 a.m. Keynote: Dr. Rodney Ford;

"Gluten: ZERO Global"

11:15 a.m. Coffee break & Exhibitor Booths open

11:30 a.m. Workshops A & B

A. Dr. David Sands

B. Mr. Joe Van Gelderen

12:30 p.m.  Lunch

1:30 p.m. Workshops A & B

A. tba

B. Dr. Rodney Ford

Exhibitor booths close down at 4p.m.

Banquet starts at 6p.m.; Doors open at 5:15 p.m.


9 a.m. registration

10 a.m. Welcome, introductions

10:15 a.m. Keynote: Dr Rodney Ford; "Eczema Cure It!"

11:15 a.m. Coffee break and exhibitor booths open

11:30 a.m. Workshops A & B

A.Dr. Sands


12:30 p.m. Lunch

1:30 Workshops A. & B.

A.Dr. Rodney Ford

B.Mr. Joe Van Gelderen

**All food will be totally gluten free; prepared with the utmost of care to ensure the safety and health of registrants**



~~September 2012 Fall Conference Registration Form~~

Last Name:________________________________________

First Name:________________________________________

Couple: Mr. & Mrs.(first names)_________________________

Children:(8-14yrs) (names)_____________________________



Province:________________Postal Code:_______________



Seniors Discount 10%

One Adult: $130

Couple: $240


Admission to this 2-day event Includes:

• Lunch on Friday and Saturday

• coffee/tea breaks (with muffins and cookies)

• Friday evening Banquet

• Complimentary parking pass for both Friday

and Saturday


Please make cheque or money order payable to Joe Van Gelderen,

and mail or deliver with this form to: Totally Gluten

Free Bakery #2-5001 Wolf Creek Drive, Lacombe, Alberta,



Location of conference:

Red Deer College

5700 32 St

Red Deer, AB T0M 1R0



Celiac and Food allergy conference!

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Our summer is half way over now, and I think we have had a fair amount of warm weather. The rain and dark clouds have been rather ominous for a week or so now, but I guess we need the rain as much as the sun. All things in balance methinks!We are in the 'thick' of wedding season now; which means wedding cakes, reunion cakes, camping customers, visitors from afar... It's a great time for meeting new people and hearing all kinds of new stories and new journeys that people are travelling on. Many are still new to the gluten free lifestyle and learning as they go.

We are still making  6-varieties of bread most days, and they are all very popular! Mondays used to be our "closed" day, but since Joe is still there 95% of the time we decided to open from 10-3 on Mondays. Now, we do not have fresh breads on the shelves on Mondays because this is our 'egg-free-day'. Since some of our customers are highly allergic to eggs and/or dairy, we bake their products on a day when we do not use eggs. So "high allergen" orders are usually baked on Mondays. Buttertarts, stroopwaffles, muffins, cookies, and pies are becoming "everyday items" now, and we can hardly keep them on the shelf! Our stock of dry cereal; [or as I call it "breakfast candy"] is quickly running low. We hope to get in another shipment before the summer is out and we will try to let you know when we have more available!

"The Road to Reclaiming Your Health: Finding Solutions" ; Celiac and food allergy conference, is just 2 months away! Posters and registration forms are ready to be distributed, so please help spread the word!

DATES: September 21/22, 2012

LOCATION:Red Deer College, Red Deer, Alberta

Get answers for your struggle with:

ADHD; Autism; Celiac Disease; Diabetes; Osteo arthritis; epileptic seizures;

Depression; Alopecia Areata (hair loss); ‘brain fog’; Ataxia; stunted growth;

Eczema; and many more health problems

We will have a fantastic 2-days with world famous speaker, Rodney Ford, as well as other workshop speakers. There will be a vendor hall with products that pertain to our health and people well educated in the area of food allergies and our health. Two luches, a Friday night banquet, and coffee breaks are includud in your registration fees. A parking pass is issued with your registration package to eliminate our vendors and participants having to pay for their parking with change.

Phone or email with your questions! We will gladly help you all we can.